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Transportation of industrial equipment in Ukraine

Cargo width 5.3 m, height 4.80 m, total weight 55 tons

Professional transportation of oversized cargo is one of the activities of the transport and logistics company TransAvtoD. Our experience, qualifications and modern equipment allow us to take on the most difficult tasks.
Transportation of industrial equipment in Ukraine was and remains a popular service among many transport companies. The main problem is safety guarantees for other road users, as well as ensuring the safety of goods.
TAD is a leader in Ukraine in oversized transportation, so working with us, you can always be confident in the high quality and reliability of services provided. We deal even with those cargoes that other carriers refuse to work with – this sets us apart in the market.
One of the last tasks performed by our specialists was the transportation of industrial equipment with the involvement of several trawls. The total weight of the valuable cargo exceeded 55 tons, and the dimensions in width and height, respectively, 5.3 and 4.8 meters.

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Transportation of industrial capacity from Europe. Cargo width 4.5 m, height 4.4 m

Oversized transportation of industrial capacity

Oversized – a fairly common cargo when it comes to industrial equipment, construction and road machinery, tanks and reservoirs.
We use only proven and reliable equipment, our drivers have the necessary qualifications and have all the necessary permits for such transportation. Each cargo is carefully and reliably fixed taking into account features and dimensional parameters.
The industrial tank we are transporting in this case is about 4.5 meters wide and more than 4.4 meters high. To transport such cargo, it is necessary to lay the correct route, taking into account the presence of bridges and other height limiters.

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Charitable assistance to Volochysk OTG from Trans-Auto-D

On May 14, 2018, the Trans-Auto-D private enterprise handed over the TN model PNR-15 trailer to the Volochysk territorial community. A few months ago, on behalf of the community, the head of OTG asked to make a trailer-platform for the needs of Volochysk OTG for transportation of municipal vehicles within the community of our district. Our company decided to manufacture and donate equipment to the city community in the form of charitable assistance under the partnership program. We believe that our contribution to infrastructure will improve our city of Volochysk and the well-being of its residents.

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