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Charitable assistance to Volochysk OTG from Trans-Auto-D

On May 14, 2018, the Trans-Auto-D private enterprise handed over the TN model PNR-15 trailer to the Volochysk territorial community. A few months ago, on behalf of the community, the head of OTG asked to make a trailer-platform for the needs of Volochysk OTG for transportation of municipal vehicles within the community of our district. Our company decided to manufacture and donate equipment to the city community in the form of charitable assistance under the partnership program. We believe that our contribution to infrastructure will improve our city of Volochysk and the well-being of its residents.

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Results of Tran-Auto-D’s participation in AgroExpo 2017, Kropyvnytskyi

At the international agro-industrial exhibition AgroExpo our company “Trans-Auto-D” presented two new trailers of the line of 2017, TAD.Classic 24-2, TAD.Classic 30-3, which are most relevant for transportation, both in Ukraine and Europe. . The exhibition itself is unique because it allows not only to see and touch the equipment, but also to see it at work, and the convenient geographical location makes it as accessible as possible from all regions of Ukraine. Each trailer has its own unique features, which visitors of the exhibition could get acquainted with at our stand.
TAD.Classic 24-2 – the ideal solution for agriculture, thanks to the reduced loading height it is possible to transport practically all types of combines, tractors and other agricultural machinery which is operated in Ukraine. Unloading and loading of equipment is completely autonomous, for convenience of loading of buttons it is possible to unhook. When transported across Ukraine, engineers provide hydraulic locks that allow you to adjust the clearance of the trailer. And the company’s experience in the production of trawls in combination with the use of spare parts from manufacturers such as WABCO, HALDEX, BPW and SAF, makes the equipment very reliable.
TAD.Classic 30-3 – best suited for professional carriers, as it has an optimal ratio with different amplitudes of cargo for transportation. The model depending on a complete set has various types of loading platforms, can be completed with a telescope at the request of the customer. Axles can be both usual, and compulsorily operated, and system of disconnection of a gooseneck hydraulic or pneumatic. Thanks to a reliable design, high-quality metals and components from world-famous brands WABCO, HALDEX, BPW and SAF, trailers have been in operation in Ukraine and Europe for many years, showing their reliability.
It was also nice that most of our visitors are already familiar with the equipment of our production. And with our old partners, despite the long time of work, there was something to talk about: these are issues related to current tasks and the opportunity to discuss prospects for the development and modernization of technology. It is always important for us to know the opinions and preferences of our partners. The conclusion after the exhibition can be made alone. It is necessary to develop and improve, it is necessary to move forward.

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Charitable action from the Trans-Auto-D company in support of the Ukrainian military.

Our company on a charitable basis produced and donated to the National Guard of Ukraine a trawl, TAD NPP-50 for the transportation of BTR-4 “Bucephalus” and the transportation of tanks or other heavy armored vehicles. Some employees of our company and our acquaintances are directly involved in the fighting in the east of the country and we have first-hand information about the difficult financial situation of the Ukrainian military.


The special equipment of our company was used more than once for the transportation of military vehicles, as the fleet of special trailers and tractors for the transportation of heavy armored vehicles, which remained from the times of the USSR, has morally and physically exhausted itself.

Because our company is also engaged in the production of modern specialties. trailers for the transportation of heavy oversized equipment, we decided to make and hand over to the military such a trailer. We sent information about this to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine. The National Guard was the first to react. And on October 22, 2014, we handed them a new special trailer from our base in Volochysk.

According to experts, the modern war is a war of logistics, timely supply, prompt maneuvering, rapid movement of equipment and people from one area of hostilities to another, the key to successful military operations. We hope that thanks to our trawl, the military will be able to more quickly deliver their heavy equipment to the right places, saving its precious engine resources for combat.


TAD NPP-50 will allow to transport 2 modern BTR-4 “Bucephalus” or one tank at the same time. We understand that this is a drop in the ocean of common needs, but if it is at least one step closer to victory and, perhaps, will save someone’s life – it will not be in vain.

We will win ! Glory to Ukraine!

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