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Transportation of Amity trailer loaders across Ukraine.

Transportation of Amity forklifts

The TransAvtoD company offers service of oversized transportations which will allow you to deliver quickly and safely freight of any dimensions both across Ukraine, and to any country of Europe. Oversized – a very specific type of cargo, which requires a highly qualified performer and professional equipment.

Working with us, you can always be sure of:

  • compliance with all commitments;
  • cargo safety and security;
  • minimum delivery time;
  • construction of the optimal route;
  • obtaining qualified consultations;
  • tracking the position of the cargo online.

We work with relevant services to ensure optimal delivery conditions, as well as for maximum safety during transportation. We move at the allowed time on the route agreed with the traffic police. Do not interfere with road traffic, ensuring safety for other road users.

Перевозка прицепных погрузчиков Amity по Украине.

Перевозка прицепных погрузчиков Amity по Украине.

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Transportation of John Deere tractor and Horsch seeder

Oversized transportation of agricultural machinery

Oversized transportation provided by TransAvtoD is in demand in many sectors of the economy and industry. One of the most “interested” industries in such services is agriculture.
It should be understood that public roads are not intended for use by specialized equipment. Combines, reapers, drills, tractors and other agricultural machinery are oversized, heavy and relatively low speed of independent movement.
For fast delivery of equipment to any point of the country it is necessary to use special low-frame trawls, and also motor tractors of sufficient power. All this is provided by the company TransAvtoD, which has been engaged in the oversized transportation market for many years. We guarantee the safety and safety of any cargo transported by our specialists.
It doesn’t matter if you are transporting a potato harvester or a JohnDeere tractor with a Horsch seed drill, we will take on any task and complete it as soon as possible.

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Transportation of industrial equipment Europe – Ukraine

Dimensions 15.50×3.90×4.00, weight over 50 tons

There are no tasks that the transport and logistics company TransAvtoD, which has been offering professional services for the transportation of industrial equipment and other oversized cargo for decades, has not coped with.
Today we work both in Ukraine and in many European countries, offering a high level of service and ensuring the efficiency of any commitments. Our capabilities allow us to solve the most complex problems and customer requests, while we guarantee the complete safety of oversized transportation.
If you need to deliver heavy and large cargo to any point of Ukraine or the country of Europe, the TransAvtoD company is always at your service. We select the appropriate vehicles and meet all the standards of semi-trailers and trawls, saving your time and money.
This is one of our orders for the transportation of industrial equipment. The weight of each cargo exceeds 50 tons, with dimensions of 15.5 by 3.9 by 4 m.

Video transportation

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