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Brake systems of semi-trailers

Brake systems of semi-trailers

Semi-trailers and their varieties, which include low-frame trawls, for example, were specially designed and created to solve special transport problems. The main one is the transportation of oversized and heavy loads, for which trawls of various types, manufactured at the TAD plant, are best suited.

Modern trawls, which are used in conjunction with powerful tractors, are efficient and productive “road trains” capable of delivering goods, machinery and equipment of any size and weight. Currently created trawls with dozens of axles that can carry a load of several hundred tons, and this is not the limit.

The general principles according to which modern low-frame trawls are classified take into account the technical characteristics of this equipment, including:

  • Maximum load capacity (is directly dependent on the number of wheelsets).
  • Load height (critical value that determines the ability to use the trawl to transport self-propelled machinery and equipment).
  • The location of the center of gravity (the lower, the easier it is to transport high loads and prevent them from tipping over).
  • Features of cargoes (maximum length, extreme weight, oversized sizes).

To increase the versatility of cargo transportation, various designs of trawl frames (straight, telescopic, “broken”) are used, as well as special equipment that allows to increase the capabilities of low-frame semi-trailers and increase the list of transport tasks they solve.

Features of semi-trailers from the TAD company

The products of the TAD plant meet all the requirements of the oversized heavy cargo market. The manufacturer offers buyers both standard trailers and semi-trailers in the form of onboard platforms, and traditionally in demand low-frame trawls of series:

  • Mega.

The model range includes semi-trailers with a classic cargo platform direct design. Trawls can be equipped with a different number of axles (from a pair to seven, depending on the needs of the customer), which makes it possible to carry out cargo transportation of power equipment, oil and gas installations, metal structures, weighing up to 80 tons. Cranes of this type of cargo of any type are usually required for loading on low-frame trawls.

  • Jumbo.

The series has been developed in the light of increasing the requirements for the maximum loads on the wheel axles on vehicles operated on public roads. TAD specialists have created a series consisting of eight “light” low-frame semi-trailers that can carry goods weighing from 30 to 60 tons. At the same time the “facilitated” frame reduces loading on wheel pairs to the allowed 7 t / axle.

  • Classic.

The model range with a front arrival is equipped with a detachable goose that allows any self-propelled equipment to be “loaded” on a cargo platform of a trawl independently. The goose unbuckles, after which the front of the trawl falls to the ground. The series of these trawls is relevant for the transportation of combines and other agricultural machinery, heavy excavators, massive bulldozers, pipe-laying machines, road machinery. The maximum load capacity is 64 tons.

In the production and design of semi-trailers, TAD specialists pay special attention to the reliability of pneumatic braking systems, the quality of transmission and suspension, the strength of the wheel axles. Imported electronics are used to control the operation of components and mechanisms.

Durability and reliability of operation in any conditions is reached by high-quality assembly which each stage is controlled. Welding, assembly, painting of frames and load testing are the responsibilities of specialists of the assembly shop of TAD.

In addition to standard trawls, customers, including large transport and logistics companies and private carriers, can use the option of additional equipment. Low loader-semi-trailers can be equipped with swivel axles for better maneuverability and fuel economy.

Also often sliding expanders for oversized on width of equipment, and also aluminum ladders for arrival of self-propelled equipment are ordered.

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Calculation of the cost of transportation by trawls

Calculation of the cost of transportation by trawls

Transportation of oversized cargo, industrial equipment, construction, road or agricultural machinery by trawls is a special type of transport services. Its implementation requires not only specialized equipment, but also highly qualified performers.

The number of people involved in the transportation process itself is much greater than in any other case of classic road transport. The equipment they use is also different from the standard. All this affects the cost of trawl services, which is determined by many related factors.

Non-standard bulky cargo is often very heavy weight, size and shape, different from standard cargo, which imposes certain restrictions on the selection of appropriate transport and the choice of appropriate routes.

To move this type of cargo requires special vehicles – tractors and trawls, as well as loading and unloading machines in some situations (when it is impossible to independently arrive “cargo” on the ladders to the platform). This type of transport requires special training, as well as attention to the method of its implementation.

Affordable cost of trawl services from TAD

TransAvtoD has been transporting non-standard oversized cargo for decades. We use trawls of various types which are suitable for transportation of the most various types of freights, technics and the industrial equipment.

The cost of a trawl per km from TAD is determined by such factors as:

  • type of cargo transported;
  • the need for additional consolidation;
  • the need to use a platform extender;
  • possibility of partial dismantling of cargo (it is actual at transportation of combines, for example);
  • transportation distance;
  • total weight of cargo;
  • cargo dimensions;
  • the need to obtain special permits in the case of work with potentially dangerous goods;
  • the need to accompany the cargo by patrol services and so on.

The accumulated experience in transportation of this type, as well as a modern transport base in the form of dozens of types of trawls, semi-trailers and platforms, allow the company to undertake the transportation of oversized and non-standard cargo of any complexity with a guarantee of a positive result.

Calculation of the cost of the trawl

Our experts are always ready to answer any of your questions concerning features of transportation of oversized freight in the terms specified by you. The cost of the trawl can be calculated in advance by phone, indicating to the manager the place of loading and unloading, the type of cargo and the time for transportation.

The cost of transporting the final trawl may change – it depends on the characteristics of the route, the presence on the way of restrictions on weight and size, heavy traffic. The final price is announced to the customer before signing the cooperation agreement, with each factor affecting the price tag, signed in detail to the customer to avoid misunderstandings in the calculations.

The best price for a trawl

TAD company offers a popular service “trawl rental”, the cost of which is one of the most affordable on the market. The calculation of transportation of your cargo is performed in the shortest possible time, the final cost is approved with the customer, after which we begin to prepare transportation.

The best cost of services on the trawl allows you to seriously save not only finances but also your personal time and nerves. Entrust the fulfillment of this goal to professionals from the company TAD!

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Prices for transportation of oversized cargo Ukraine 2022

Prices for transportation of oversized cargo Ukraine 2022

Transportation of oversized and heavy loads is a rather difficult task that requires maximum professionalism and experience from the executor. TransAvtoD has been operating in the market for many years, performing the most complex transportation tasks and taking into account the wishes and needs of customers.

How to determine the cost of transporting non-standard cargo? It should be understood that each case should be considered individually: even the transportation of the same type of excavator, for example, can differ significantly in the price segment.

The formation of the final cost is influenced by both the most common factors (distance, weight of the cargo and its dimensions), and the route, the end point, as well as changes in the market of freight.

Save your time and nerves

By ordering the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo in the company TAD, you save your personal time and money. All you have to do is call the numbers listed on the website to get a preliminary calculation of the cost of transportation.

The logistics department of TransAvtoD takes into account many factors that affect the formation of the final price tag. Including:

  1. the distance in kilometers between the point of loading and unloading;
  2. cargo dimensions (length, width and height);
  3. maximum weight in tons;
  4. the need to obtain special permits;
  5. the need to allocate support vehicles and so on.

In addition, the price tag depends on the constructed route, taking into account the type of roads and their passage through large settlements. The final cost may also be affected by the type of payment (cash, non-cash, bank transfer, etc.).

It is also necessary to take into account the type of semi-trailer, platform or low-frame trawl, its maximum capacity, features of transportation (winter or summer, the complexity of the road, the presence of areas through the villages).

Features of route construction

One of the main factors influencing the final cost is the route, or rather – its characteristics. It is selected based on the characteristics, characteristics and parameters of the transported goods. It can be long and simple or short and complex – this is also a factor that affects the final price tag.

When choosing a route, many parameters are taken into account, and the wishes of the customer are taken into account. The main goal is to ensure traffic safety, with minimal impact on other road users and locals.

The carrier company takes into account many factors when choosing the right route. Areas with heavy road traffic and traffic jams should be avoided, taking into account the peculiarities of the road surface (width, type of pavement, presence of engineering structures and structures on the way).

Drawing up a correct and well-founded route for transporting oversized cargo is quite a difficult job that can be entrusted only to professionals. Our company TransAvtoD is ready to guarantee safety, reliability and speed of the most difficult transportations taking into account all needs and wishes of the customer.

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