Problem with permissions in Ukraine, sore!

Minifrastruktury together with AsMAP develop a mechanism to control the issuance of, use and return authorizations for international road transport. This was announced by First Deputy Minister Konstantin Efimenko, According to the press service of the NIU.

In particular, throughout the year, bilateral resolution has been increased by countries with limited quota: in the Czech Republic the increase was 10%, in Uzbekistan, the number of permits has increased by almost 3 times, and 5 countries, such as Greece, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Norway and Estonia, increase ranged from 23% to 57%.

Note, this year by the number of allocated quotas Ukraine is the second largest 54 countries of the European Conference of Ministers of Transport.

According Ukrtransinspektsii, for 8 months of 717 th. total annual quota of permits issued 456 thousand., or only 64%. Put together used 364 th. dozvolov. “That is, a large number of permits unused, were unscrupulous haulers, thereby creating an artificial shortage. Such a situation is – inadmissible, and its settlement with Mininfrastruktiry AsMAP discuss the introduction of strict control of issue and return permits “, – noted K.Efimenko.

With the participation of representatives of the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine and the Ministry of Infrastructure will be a working group, which fulfills the order of this control. In particular, provides for the development of software with the organization of the system of accounting and control over the issuance of, use and return of permits. This automated system will eliminate the issue of the following is permitted, if the previous is not returned on time. It is also planned to strengthen control in the issuance of permits, including a touch: haulers, Car, types of permits and stranы, date of issue and return, there are corrections to the issuing certificates, Namely voditelя and workers Ukrtransinspekcii.

“You should also discuss the use of permits. For example, set the period of use of permits EU and CIS countries for 20-30 days after its receipt, of permits and more distant countries such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan – about 45 days “, – suggested K.Efimenko.

In addition to this official rhetoric would like to add from myself that as long as, on the already competitive transport market. Ukrainian carriers also face funny as for the European, or other transporter problem of lack of official permitted. At the same time, for a fee are sold “Services” to address the issue. I’d love to believe INTO take real measures to prevent this disorder. When the “thankful for sponsorship firmochki” ratings on the balance sheet 3 machine receives a couple hundred permissions to all countries and then sells them at 100 – 500 $ for Pike.

No nail or rod. All Godspeed !!!