Carriers of Ukraine in the context of international oversized transport

Carriers of Ukraine in the context of international oversized transport

Ukraine’s integration into European and world community requires a number of activities, aimed at improving the efficiency of the national economic system, which would in its main indicators meet international standards.

One of these measures is effective revival of trade relations with the countries of Europe and Asia, which is directly related to the efficiency of the functioning of the transport complex. In recent years, significantly increased the demand for international oversized transport, due to a number of advantages, such as: product delivery “door to door”, deadlines transportation of oversized cargo transportation volumes and optimal.

In developed European countries, such as Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Italy receipts, from operations, related to international transport, the state budget is from 5 to 15 %

Especially in this context it may be noted instructive experience of the Netherlands, where transportation infrastructure allowed to occupy a quarter of the European market of road transport. According to the statistics of international road haulage, Carriers of Ukraine presented in this market significantly, and the presence of a large number of carriers in Russia, Belarus and the Baltic States, who quickly appreciated his perspective. It should also be taken into account increased competition from carriers of former Soviet bloc countries, such as Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, which have become associate members of the European Union and also have a favorable geopolitical location. The main advantage of these countries – simplified customs regime of passage, which saves time and make optimal use of the car park.