The prospect of Ukrainian roads, or who can wait for us in the future!

The prospect of Ukrainian roads, or who can wait for us in the future!

Ukrainian zaplanirovana building 2 th. km of new Highway, in accordance with European requirements and standards.

Repair, reconstruction and construction of roads projected state target economic development program for highways 2013-2018 years, as reported in the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

Also, This project is scheduled repair more 30 th. km of roads. At the first stage of reconstruction of roads with the heavy traffic, that lead to major cities.

The project is considered, “Reduction currently available roads, and that – 169,5 th. km, in the corresponding operating condition “. Unfortunately, Office does not report, whether the reconstruction of these roads.

The Ministry of Infrastructure voiced realizable value road development program – it 264,553 billion USD. It is also important, previously reported that the Office of the digit in the 227,15 billion USD.

We wish to note, that 3.09.2012 Decree № 719-r of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the concept of the state target economic development programs on public roads 2013-2018 years.

UNIAN reference. According Ministries site infrastrukturы Ukrainы, amount of funding for the construction of, repair and reconstruction of roads in the last decade ranged from 14 to 34% needs (by definition specialists DerzhdorNDI them. M.P.Shulgina). As of 1.01.2012 since the beginning of the program of development of roads within 2007-2011 years for road works isolated 62,2 billion USD, what is 93% of the planned volume of funding, in particular, receipt of funds from local budgets amounted to 56,4%, receipt of the special fund of the state budget plan -115.7%, and funds from other sources amounted to 84%.

All Ukrainian public road network has a length of 169,5 th. km. and employs, also, more 382 th. meters of overpasses and 16,172 thousand bridges.