The relevance of oversized transport in Ukraine

Oversized transport and transportation of heavy loads is considered one of the most difficult and expensive transport services.

For such transportation needs special equipment and training specialists. As well as, This type of transport requires numerous approvals with transport services and public authorities. Despite the crisisнегабаритные перевозкиies, there is a tendency of growth of demand for such services. According to experts oversized transport market is growing annually by 10-15%. This indicates that, that segment of oversized transport is growing more rapidly, than the market for scheduled traffic. I Get It, that this is due to the development of the construction industry, which requires the transport of heavy construction equipment (bulldozers, cranes, etc.) and metal. Moreover, in our country are increasingly traced the problem of obsolete industrial base. It, respectively, stimulates the modernization and development of the production base of industrial enterprises. Accordingly, the needs for new equipment for mining, Metal, petrochemical, iron and steel industry but others.

As they say: “Demand creates supply”. Of Course, supply increases sufficiently active. The most important thing in this situation, make the right choice of carrier-company. It is necessary to take into account the professionalism, availability of licenses and permits, arrangement of special transport fleet, broad partnerships and, eventually, experience of oversized and heavy cargo.

The services market offers oversize transport and the company “Trans-Auto-D”.

We have a vast experience in international and domestic transportation of oversized and will provide you with quality services. Our company offers a comprehensive solution in the organization of transport services. We organize all work in accordance with customer requirements and the characteristics of the transported cargo – from pre-study route and route survey, obtaining permits and approvals, ending with the loading and unloading and transport on their own special vehicles. Our fleet consists of 20 cars and trailers. I Get It, that the machinery for transporting oversize cargo, a more stringent, than the usual transport. For example, This technique passes inspection twice a year. Any failure in the performance of traffic can cause delays and disruption of the schedule. Therefore, we treat with special attention to the reliability and quality of each piece of special vehicles for the transport of oversized cargo.

We use these trucks as the MAN and DAF and low loaders Goldhofer and Recker. We can note, one of the largest European manufacturers of tractors, combines and other agricultural equipment, It is also our main partner, especially picky about the quality of the transport of their own products. That is why 14 Our vehicles equipped in accordance with European standards.

Today is especially important to make a decision quickly. For instructions on how to fulfill the requirements transportation of oversized cargo rather difficult. The necessary coordination with the travel services and the Inspectorate can take several weeks, and between the goods will be. And time is money -. That is why we are organizing to provide permits for international transport of oversized, and existing in a permit for domestic oversized transportation allows us to travel to Ukraine as soon as possible.

Experience of many years, broad partnership ligaments and established routes

Allow us to conduct timely and uninterrupted transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes. Entrust delivery professionals, complete your application on-line and we will contact you for further consultations and negotiations to implement the transportation of your cargo.