Oversized transportatios in the context of intermodal carriages

Intermodal carriages – A combined transport your goods by several modes of transportation, in which the company is liable for the entire carriage, even if delivery is made by different modes of transport (eg, sea, railway and highway).

The efficiency of intermodal transport is to use the advantages of each mode of transport; The efficiency of intermodal transport is to use the advantages of each mode of transport, performance criteria may be not only the cost of shipping, and speed, and accuracy of delivery, and environmental safety, and many other factors.


Oversized transport this one with a part of the services enjoyed in intermodal transport, for customers located in remote parts of the world, intermodal transport – a real “magic wand”. If your production facility or is in the, accessibility is poor, you can deliver the goods via oversized transportation to a certain point on the map, and then use the services of other vehicles with greater maneuverability.

While often the concept of multi-modal freight and intremodalnoy used synonymously, between them there is a subtle difference between a formal nature, which should not be forgotten. Although in the first, and in the second case the delivery is carried out in several modes of transport, multimodal transport full responsibility for the delivery of a full cycle is one of the company, respectively, for the whole journey issued one document. Intermodal transport characterized by the fact, that the change of transport changes and forwarder. In this way, at the time of transfer of the burden of responsibility into the hands of another company and documentation should be framed accordingly, i.e, for example, your cargo is not just one issue, and two or more proxies. In this way, from a formal point of view,, intermodal transport difficult, Multimodal than.


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