Roads in Ukraine None

Roads in Ukraine after the winter of 2013 can be said with great confidence that there are none.

The severe winter that lasted until April actually destroyed the roads and showed the inefficiency of the technologies used for road construction in Ukraine and the obsolescence of DSTU. Roads have not been built in the country for the last 20 years, and the shifts took place only before Euro 2012, and this is only between the big cities that hosted the Euro.

The history of roads in Ukraine is dramatic, as of 1940 the total length of roads in the USSR was 270.7 thousand km. Mostly these were dirt roads. Only 10.8% of roads were paved.

Roads were built at an intensive pace in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century. By the end of the 1980s, the general road network in Ukraine had actually been built.
Currently, the development of public roads lags behind the pace of motorization in the country. During 1990-2010, their length did not increase. The density of roads in Ukraine is 6.6 times less than in France, respectively, 0.28 and 1.84 kilometers of roads per 1 sq. Km. kilometer of the country. The length of highways in Ukraine is 0.28 thousand kilometers, in Germany – 12.5 thousand kilometers, in France – 7.1 thousand kilometers, and the level of funding for one kilometer of roads in Ukraine, respectively, is 5.5-6 times less than in these countries.

Almost all highways of Ukraine pass through settlements, it does not meet the requirements for international transport corridors, because it limits the speed of road transport.
Unsatisfactory transport and operational condition of roads: 51.1% does not meet the requirements for equality, 39.2% – for strength. The average speed on the roads of Ukraine is 2-3 times lower than in Western European countries.

This is explained in particular by the fact that the burden on the maintenance of the transport network per capita in Ukraine is greater than in European countries due to the relatively low population density of 76 people per 1 sq. Km. kilometer, low purchasing power of citizens 1/5 of the purchasing power of the Eurozone.

Since the main activity of our company “TRANS-AUTO-D“This oversize cargo transportation.

To implement them, we use a special platform with reduced clearance, rotary axes podrulnymi and these terrible roads machinery spaces can not physically pass. What can I say about the drivers that are already in place to monitor the safety of the movement look out where there are holes in the road that looks like after the bombing. So after this winter road condition is critical and hinders the development of the national economy.

Of the above we can say that at this time the roads in Ukraine is not a country with such a pace can stop and it will lead to disaster and backwardness in general. So in China, the new world economic power engine allocates more funds for road construction and thus stimulates the economy and increases the rate of development of the state, Ukraine and further and further behind, and turns into a “black hole” in Europe. Despite the high transit potential of our country carriers are trying to get a country loses potential profits.