Permits for oversized transportation in Ukraine and Europe

Organizing oversized transportation is necessary to take care of obtaining special permission by Mintransporta.

Dimensions of oversized cargo affect the cost and production time of such authorization. There is some specificity in the different public services, eg, Italian and French, where permits for oversized transport may have to wait up to three months.

At the carrier have to be special permits for transportation of oversized cargo States, on whose territory the transport. In it should be specified vehicle registration number, its dimensions and weight, driver’s last name, route, allowed time of entry and exit and movement, and, restrictions proezd negabaritnogo transport.

Transportation of outsize heavy cargo without special permits shall be punished in each country according to the law. In Europe, the shipping company, violate the rights of transportation of oversized cargo, may be fined, deny a license, or even, prohibit passage through the territory of the European Union. On each route, on by oversized transport, issued special permits individual, so the company “Trans-Avto-D” offers a full range of services from project cargo with the necessary documents and, ending, loading and unloading operations.