Your dimensions do not suit us …

When you want to translate oversized cargo first question, which asks the Customer Carrier – it’s size and weight.

These dimensions are established guest or technical conditions in the industry which the shipment. For example, technical conditions on RZD dimensional considered load, which is submerged at a car does not protrude above the rails above, than 5300 mm, width – not more than 1625 mm on either side of the longitudinal axis of the wagon or a track, and clearance Mezhuyev rails and Georgia remains no less 150 mm. The length of the cargo shall be so, to cornering predetermined width dimension relative to the axis of symmetry of the track maintained.

In the case where at least one of the parameters is exceeded, considered oversized cargo. As a result,, rates for the transportation of oversized loads also differ from standard. Naturally, in the direction of increasing.

Acceptable sizes train, which carries the load following:

WidthNo more than 2,45 meter
Length14 m
Height2,6 m

Weight – max permissible axle loads for the region, which exist in a certain time period.

In the case of transport negabaritnogo Georgia better use of the big companies have a lot of good professionals and trawls for example company Trans-Avto-D which carries freight vehicles in all regions of Russia. We haul oversizedHeavy, Container, industrial and construction loads. The company has its own fleet of special vehicles, thus ensuring the high quality of freight transport at moderate prices. Also, our specialists provide a full range of services in support of freight transport: Handling, freight forwarding, assistance in developing the optimal route, etc..