How to successfully carry oversized cargo

When you are considering, all the consequences, which can arise during movement outsized cargo, you understand the importance of using a specialized service, that nothing bad has happened.
Once again, what Bulky or heavy goods / outsized:

Size and / or weight exceeds the limits of highways.

Many of the requirements for the transport of bulky goods include:

  • Symbols and alarm: on the trawl or specialized trailer (in front, behind, on the sides, depending on the actual shape of the load) the goods must be marked, throughout the day, and flags / or signs and flashing lights at night.

Requirements demarcation may differ in different countries, or areas that crosses the oversized transport. For example, sign “Oversized Cargo Transportation” It should be placed on the front and rear of the vehicle, signs may be in contrast to the country’s red, White also with vertical stripes, yellow with a black border and a yellow.

  • Escort car: Transport escorts are used when oversized cargo exceeds the physical size; height, length, width; Roads and highways on which it is transported.

One or more escort vehicles travel in front and / or behind the vehicle carrying the load to warn other drivers of bulky traffic and to ensure the safety of the driver by reporting an obstacle on the road, such as low urban or other communications outside the city or dangerous bridges.

These are just two of the many requirements and conditions for the transportation of oversized cargo in Ukraine and Europe. From proper cargo preparation to transportation, making sure it is safely transported, here every step is crucial to the successful implementation and avoid costly delays and damage, with loading and transportation to different infrastructures.

That is why it is very important to use an experienced specialist to transport oversized cargo.

And we are here to help you. If you have questions? Call or contact us and we will be happy to transport the oversized to you. Make your job easier by getting a full range of services and accurate solutions.