Calculation of the cost of transportation by trawls

Calculation of the cost of transportation by trawls

Transportation of oversized cargo, industrial equipment, construction, road or agricultural machinery by trawls is a special type of transport services. Its implementation requires not only specialized equipment, but also highly qualified performers.

The number of people involved in the transportation process itself is much greater than in any other case of classic road transport. The equipment they use is also different from the standard. All this affects the cost of trawl services, which is determined by many related factors.

Non-standard bulky cargo is often very heavy weight, size and shape, different from standard cargo, which imposes certain restrictions on the selection of appropriate transport and the choice of appropriate routes.

To move this type of cargo requires special vehicles – tractors and trawls, as well as loading and unloading machines in some situations (when it is impossible to independently arrive “cargo” on the ladders to the platform). This type of transport requires special training, as well as attention to the method of its implementation.

Affordable cost of trawl services from TAD

TransAvtoD has been transporting non-standard oversized cargo for decades. We use trawls of various types which are suitable for transportation of the most various types of freights, technics and the industrial equipment.

The cost of a trawl per km from TAD is determined by such factors as:

  • type of cargo transported;
  • the need for additional consolidation;
  • the need to use a platform extender;
  • possibility of partial dismantling of cargo (it is actual at transportation of combines, for example);
  • transportation distance;
  • total weight of cargo;
  • cargo dimensions;
  • the need to obtain special permits in the case of work with potentially dangerous goods;
  • the need to accompany the cargo by patrol services and so on.

The accumulated experience in transportation of this type, as well as a modern transport base in the form of dozens of types of trawls, semi-trailers and platforms, allow the company to undertake the transportation of oversized and non-standard cargo of any complexity with a guarantee of a positive result.

Calculation of the cost of the trawl

Our experts are always ready to answer any of your questions concerning features of transportation of oversized freight in the terms specified by you. The cost of the trawl can be calculated in advance by phone, indicating to the manager the place of loading and unloading, the type of cargo and the time for transportation.

The cost of transporting the final trawl may change – it depends on the characteristics of the route, the presence on the way of restrictions on weight and size, heavy traffic. The final price is announced to the customer before signing the cooperation agreement, with each factor affecting the price tag, signed in detail to the customer to avoid misunderstandings in the calculations.

The best price for a trawl

TAD company offers a popular service “trawl rental”, the cost of which is one of the most affordable on the market. The calculation of transportation of your cargo is performed in the shortest possible time, the final cost is approved with the customer, after which we begin to prepare transportation.

The best cost of services on the trawl allows you to seriously save not only finances but also your personal time and nerves. Entrust the fulfillment of this goal to professionals from the company TAD!