Oversized transportations – Of delivery

Often, situations arise, when oversized cargo safely transported and delivered to the destination, and with the delivery of the cargo suddenly arise unexpected problems. To prevent such misunderstandings between the company-carrier and consignee, developed special regulations, governing the issuance and reship shipping.

One of the most important stages transportation of oversized cargo, as practice shows, it is the moment of cargo delivery.

The shipper in advance and with absolute accuracy to warn of the arrival of the goods the consignee. The bill of lading must be designated destination. Early informing the recipient of the imminent arrival guarantee him an opportunity to calmly prepare a place for unloading, and driveways. The consignee is obliged to organize the timely reception of goods and unloading, including cleaning of containers and the car body from the remains of the received goods. For an additional payment for services washing and cleaning machinery cleaning can be carried out by the carrier. Removal of bulky goods to the railway station, of air, sea ​​or river ports is done centrally, and the reception and delivery of cargo to recipients subject to the rules, which act on the air, rail and water transport modes. When the goods arrive in good vehicles, unharmed in trailers or sections, in the integrity of the tank and the sealed containers with intact seals, then no further weight, bills and check the status of delivery of the goods produced.

When transporting heavy loads special attention to the declared weight.

All penalties, associated with these values ​​are exceeded due to the fault of the shipper, paid for his account. Make a refusal to accept the delivered load is difficult. This is possible if, when the damage of cargo is so changed his quality, that a further full or partial use is no longer possible. In this case (Ukrainian carriers are responsible for the safety and integrity of cargo) an act on his damage, according to which the company should pay all damages. When international carriage of oversized cargo is, that is independent of the transport undertaking reason (eg, Customs clearance or a change in the place of unloading), to deliver the goods at the destination can not be. Then, the consignee is obliged to notify the carrier of a new destination. Carrier may refuse to deal, informing the shipper, If, for objective reasons not possible to deliver the goods at the destination.

Cargo returned to the sender at his expense. The consignor will have to pay a simple and other additional costs.

International transportation of oversized regulated by the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods. On the whole way of the cargo are issued waybills CMR sample. Besides, They are governed by national legislation and international agreements. Firm “Trans-Avto-D” provides international transportation of oversized, With its own fleet, in accordance with international technical standards, and licensed, issued in accordance with the law.