Our company InterAGRO exhibition 2016

Our company InterAGRO exhibition 2016

The exhibition “InterAGRO 2016” our company “Trans-Avto-D,” introduced three models of low loaders designed using advanced technologies in their production, namely:

  • TAD.Trailer 18-2 model developed in 2012 city, which has impressive features, namely, small size and weight that allow you to move without special permits in Europe, increased safety and improved comfort downloads, saves time when shipping. Different types of platforms and options allow you to make a trailer of “turnkey”, that for many carriers and the farmers of our country will be very useful. Benefits and quality it was impossible not to notice, and it was clearly seen not only in the exhibition, but during the years of operation of our company, both in Ukrainian, and in the European market oversize transport.
  • TAD.Classic 25-2 One of our company’s new products, It is a unique development, unmatched, capable of carrying loads of up to 25 t, An important feature of this model is possible to allocate a low operating weight, disconnect the gooseneck, small size train and the platform allows transporting any agricultural machinery safely and quickly. Trailer performed well during transport equipment by our company in the European market, featuring high speed download, versatility and ease of use for the carriage of harvesters, tractor, sprayers and other equipment.
  • TAD.Classic 24-2 novelty among the range of our company, It developed on the basis of the trailer TAD NPN – 28. The trailer is perfect for Ukrainian market of heavy traffic, TAD.Classic 24-2 It has an improved frame construction, which is at a reduced weight can carry heavier loads, improved safety, comfort, front loading, which makes it indispensable in the fleet of any carrier reducing costs and strengthening its position in the transport market.