Prices for transportation of oversized cargo Ukraine 2022

Prices for transportation of oversized cargo Ukraine 2022

Transportation of oversized and heavy loads is a rather difficult task that requires maximum professionalism and experience from the executor. TransAvtoD has been operating in the market for many years, performing the most complex transportation tasks and taking into account the wishes and needs of customers.

How to determine the cost of transporting non-standard cargo? It should be understood that each case should be considered individually: even the transportation of the same type of excavator, for example, can differ significantly in the price segment.

The formation of the final cost is influenced by both the most common factors (distance, weight of the cargo and its dimensions), and the route, the end point, as well as changes in the market of freight.

Save your time and nerves

By ordering the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo in the company TAD, you save your personal time and money. All you have to do is call the numbers listed on the website to get a preliminary calculation of the cost of transportation.

The logistics department of TransAvtoD takes into account many factors that affect the formation of the final price tag. Including:

  1. the distance in kilometers between the point of loading and unloading;
  2. cargo dimensions (length, width and height);
  3. maximum weight in tons;
  4. the need to obtain special permits;
  5. the need to allocate support vehicles and so on.

In addition, the price tag depends on the constructed route, taking into account the type of roads and their passage through large settlements. The final cost may also be affected by the type of payment (cash, non-cash, bank transfer, etc.).

It is also necessary to take into account the type of semi-trailer, platform or low-frame trawl, its maximum capacity, features of transportation (winter or summer, the complexity of the road, the presence of areas through the villages).

Features of route construction

One of the main factors influencing the final cost is the route, or rather – its characteristics. It is selected based on the characteristics, characteristics and parameters of the transported goods. It can be long and simple or short and complex – this is also a factor that affects the final price tag.

When choosing a route, many parameters are taken into account, and the wishes of the customer are taken into account. The main goal is to ensure traffic safety, with minimal impact on other road users and locals.

The carrier company takes into account many factors when choosing the right route. Areas with heavy road traffic and traffic jams should be avoided, taking into account the peculiarities of the road surface (width, type of pavement, presence of engineering structures and structures on the way).

Drawing up a correct and well-founded route for transporting oversized cargo is quite a difficult job that can be entrusted only to professionals. Our company TransAvtoD is ready to guarantee safety, reliability and speed of the most difficult transportations taking into account all needs and wishes of the customer.