Transportation of Amity trailer loaders across Ukraine.

Transportation of Amity forklifts

The TransAvtoD company offers service of oversized transportations which will allow you to deliver quickly and safely freight of any dimensions both across Ukraine, and to any country of Europe. Oversized – a very specific type of cargo, which requires a highly qualified performer and professional equipment.

Working with us, you can always be sure of:

  • compliance with all commitments;
  • cargo safety and security;
  • minimum delivery time;
  • construction of the optimal route;
  • obtaining qualified consultations;
  • tracking the position of the cargo online.

We work with relevant services to ensure optimal delivery conditions, as well as for maximum safety during transportation. We move at the allowed time on the route agreed with the traffic police. Do not interfere with road traffic, ensuring safety for other road users.

Перевозка прицепных погрузчиков Amity по Украине.

Перевозка прицепных погрузчиков Amity по Украине.