Work as a driver for oversized transportation

Do you have the skills to drive a safe truck and are looking for a job?

Or do you want to change the type of employment to a higher paying one? Trans-Auto-D, one of the leaders of the national market in the transport and manufacturing sector, needs driver for oversized transportation. Therefore, we invite everyone to fill out the questionnaire and sign up for an interview.

Work oversized quite complex, compared to driving a conventional truck. That is why we prefer honest, disciplined, responsible men. Those who do not have bad habits will have an additional advantage over competitors.

If you are interestedwork — trawl driveror oversized, we offer to study the list of our requirements, and also to get acquainted with guarantees of the company, a level of payment and working conditions.

Phone information:

  • +380679751210
  • +380673813434

Vacancies for oversized cargo drivers: a brief description and basic requirements
You have been placing ads on the Internet for a long time and without success «I’m looking for a job as a trawl driver»? Come to the company Trans-Auto-D, if you approach the main points! This is a real chance to get a job and get a stable salary.

The main requirements for applicants are:

  • Availability of driver’s licenses categories С,Е.
  • Punctuality, responsibility, decency.
  • Experience in freight transport management from 2 years and more.
  • Willingness to learn and develop professionally.
  • No serious health problems.

If you think you are suitable forvacancies for oversized cargo drivers, rather, write to the company’s e-mail, attaching your resume and recommendations from previous employers. Or contact the HR department by dialing the number listed on the site.

Oversized work: working conditions and employer guarantees

Every driver on a trawl oversized first, an internship and training are mandatory, the driver must have a medical card, certificates from a narcologist and psychologist, as well as a certificate of no criminal record. And only then can go freely on any routes both in the country and abroad.

Phone information:

  • +380679751210
  • +380673813434

All employees are guaranteed:

  • Official employment.
  • Decent wages (the best employees are rewarded with additional bonuses and bonuses).
  • Repairs at the company’s own car service, which minimizes downtime.

If you are interestedvacancies for oversized cargo drivers,contact Trans-Auto-D and get the job of your dreams!