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Transport of containers

Oversized tank is mostly hollow rounded tanks, made of metal, intended both for storage of bulk and liquid cargoes, as well as for individual projects with complex objectives. For example,, boilers and steam generators, where couples, as a result, nagrevanij, heat the building or for use in dairies, brewing companies.
«Trans Auto D» is engaged in transportation of oversized tanks on special trailers on the territory of Ukraine, Ukraine, CIS. Our specialists provide a professional approach to transportation of containers, different types with full supporting information and the harmonization of administrative services in different countries, also registration of necessary documents.
Capacity can be as heavy (industrial boilers, details of industrial machines, steam boilers) and bulky goods (silos, tanks and reservoirs). By virtue of the rounded shapes and large oversize weight this type of fix special rounded edges (which provide rigidity), and slings stretching for the eyes using bridge bars. You need to take into account, that very stiff fixation of oversized containers can lead to deformations, and if insufficient fixation-shipment will be loosened, vibrate and move from specpricepa (trawl, semi-trailer).
It should be noted, that all material handling work with oversized cargo, including containers, Bucky, barrels and boilers require professional and very thorough analysis and informed decision-making, Therefore, all work must be carried out only under the supervision of qualified specialists.

Transportation of containers from «Trans Auto D»

Our company is a team of professionals, with experience in the market of oversized tanks over 10 years. There is private car park, Special platforms, trawls, cars cover, We are always ready to offer you services at best prices, not forgetting about the reliability.


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