Transportation tractors from Europe to Ukraine, CIS
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Tractor Transportation

Transportation tractors on the territory of Ukraine and Europe, very popular service. Each year, dealers imported to Ukraine hundreds of units tractors. In the domestic market the amount of traffic in the thousands. Our company is one of the leaders of the carriage tractor agricultural machinery in Ukraine. High quality, reliability, timeliness, good prices, staff of highly professional managers operating a large fleet of modern trailers can provide you excellent performance of your logistical problems.
It is basically a compact and convenient in transportation of oversized cargo, not having a large size, Mobile in loading, having four-wheel drive is easy calls in on any platform. It is possible to transport two items. Difficulties arise in the case of two heavy transport tractors simultaneously, the total weight of the load may exceed 40 tons, and this is a heavy and outsized customer is difficult to explain why the cost of significantly increased, although it is still cheaper to transport one. Often with the tractor to transport and attachments thereto, dimensions of our platforms let you do it. Company Trans-Auto-D has a lot of experience in the transportation of the leading brands of agricultural machinery manufacturers such as John Deere, Case, Class, New Holand, Fendt.
For transport sh technicians Trans-Auto-D uses low-frame platforms (trawls) own production with low platform height, from the 40th to 90th inch. Loading is carried out via the front or rear races, ensuring the safety and security of cargo. Transportation tractors and construction equipment are very similar, except for differences in weight and configuration. Given the practical and technical issues, the main task is the location of the equipment on the low-loader.
We guarantee:

  • Operational coordination of transport
  • Rapid supply of cars
  • Proper paperwork
  • Safe loading and unloading equipment
  • tractors delivery just in time
  • Professional dismantling and installation, if necessary,
  • Cargo insurance

Transportation tractors also can be attributed to large-sized cargoes. This can be: single-axis tractor, tracked vehicles, frame, skidding and wheel tractor. Due to a large private car park Spetspritsep and tractors, Delivery of tractors in every city and region is on time.

Below are examples of our work both in Ukraine and abroad

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All types of tractors haul on these trawls with a front or rear loading:

  • Low bed semi TAD.Classic
  • Low loader trailer TAD.Trailer
  • Low loader semitrailer TAD.Mega
  • Low loader semi-trailer Jumbo

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