Transportation of long loads
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Transportation of long loads

Lengthy cargo is the cargo, whose length is greater than 20 meters or cargo, which stands for rear car point, on which it is transported, more than 2 meter. As a rule, such cargo, cannot be decomposed into smaller sections for technical reasons.
Coal demand for the transportation of cargos is constantly. Special machinery, building concrete structures, Rails, large equipment, pipes of different diameters-this is an incomplete list of oversized cargo, movements of which we are. Despite vostrebovatel′nost′, transportation of cargos difficult logistic task, as for the company’s carrier, and for owners. For example, let’s consider a non-exhaustive list of work for the Organization of each carriage:
• Develop a plan for loading and unloading, as well as securing cargo scheme;
• Obtaining permits for transportation of oversized cargo;
• Cargo insurance;
• The development and harmonization of transport route;
In some cases,, who regulates legislation – cargo escort vehicles cover. Our company regularly monitors qualified drivers, entrusted with the trailer for transporting long loads, also regularly monitor the technical condition of tractor and specpricepov (trawls).

The following are examples of our work both in Ukraine and abroad

RouteTrailer typeWeightCost
Odessa - KievTrawl30 / 4526000 / 40000
Kiev - DniproTrawl30 / 4526000 / 40000
Dnipro - LvivTrawl30 / 4559000 / 89000
Germany - Kiev (Ukraine)Trawl30 / 4595000 / 140000
Poland - Kiev (Ukraine)Trawl30 / 4559000 / 89000
France - UkraineTrawl30 / 45150000 / 220000

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Lengthy cargo: an easy task for a professional

Each carriage long cargo – This is a series of related tasks, you want to solve in a short time. For each order individually select suitable for transportation of car and launching trailer. Semi-trailer towing vehicle and license plates, detailed itinerary, fit in the approval documents for the transportation of oversized cargo, that you cannot change until the end of the period of validity of the permit – If there is a delay from the previous movements, permit to transport disappears. In view of the, the timing of harmonizing and authorization are very long, It is understandable, How considerate and responsible specialists should be, who develop transportation.
For our customers, not necessary to delve into the intricacies of all processes, that accompany the transport long goods. Many years of experience in the trucking, high qualification of our drivers, a large fleet of trucks and specpricepov, own cars cover, allow the customer to consider the entire range of services on transportation of cargos by road transport, as a simple transportation of goods from point of embarkation to disembarkation point.

Lengthy cargo: for our customers

«Trans Auto D» provides transportation of cargos, without diverting customers from important day-to-day affairs. All what you need to know, fit in a short phrase: “That? Where? When?”. Everything else is our job. If there is a need to, We ask clarifying questions and clarifying some details, which are necessary to transport and receive a package of licensing documents.
We use trawls of own production, observing the highest reliability requirements of each trailer for transporting long loads. Semitrailers (trailers, trawls) – This low platforms for transportation of heavy and oversized cargoes, with lots of axes.

“Trans Auto D» – high quality services, Security, flexible price policy

For their 16 years of work in the transport market, the company has accumulated vast experience, as well as unique strengths in areas, transportation of oversized cargo. Behind our shoulders-thousands of transportation performed. We boldly proclaim, that are professionals in the field of transportation of cargos. For every order we take very seriously and carry all the just-in-time.

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