Features freight trawls
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Features freight trawls

To qualitatively, reliably, quickly and safely move cargo using trawls, you must adhere to certain rules and established, standards and regulations. Only in this way we can guarantee the integrity of oversized cargo throughout its route.
The main safety feature is mounting a special form and layout. Most often used to secure the chain tensioning system, which consist of the following structural elements:

  • fastener chain;
  • seatbelt (talrepy, treshtotki, Ratchet).

Requirements for the mounting system

Any system, which is used to secure the load, transported trawls, should be selected, on the basis of these requirements, as:

  • highest tensile strength;
  • reliability and resistance to wear;
  • of stored operating parameters over a wide temperature range;
  • to reliably hold the maximum weight of the load;
  • qualitative 100% fixation;
  • simplicity and ease of securing cargo.

The larger the size of the goods transported, the greater the number of sets of fastening circuits necessary for reliable fastening. The number of sets and affects the overall weight of the load, which should not be more than, than the limit load on the fastening systems and circuits.

The following are examples of our work both in Ukraine and abroad

RouteTrailer typeWeightCost
Odessa - KievTrawl30 / 4526000 / 40000
Kiev - DniproTrawl30 / 4526000 / 40000
Dnipro - LvivTrawl30 / 4559000 / 89000
Germany - Kiev (Ukraine)Trawl30 / 4595000 / 140000
Poland - Kiev (Ukraine)Trawl30 / 4559000 / 89000
France - UkraineTrawl30 / 45150000 / 220000

The prices are for guidance only; for accurate calculation, contact our managers

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What tools are used for securing bulky cargo

Any operation to consolidate the oversized cargo must be carried out as a carrier (company, providing trawl), and the sender of the goods. In some situations, it may be a need for application of additional fastening systems (if the weight of the load is unevenly distributed).

In such cases, the fastening system picks up directly from forwarder cargo carrier company or their company recommends sending oversized cargo. a special tool is used to secure the quality of the:

  • Ratchet (or chain tie).

Strapping used oversize cargo fastening chains, which are tensioned using Ratchet. There may be used a different mechanism for tensioning (ratchet, linkage), which makes it easy to operate the device with just one hand.

  • Talrepy (screed)

Used if required to tighten or adjust the tension of the rope or chain cargo binding. They differ in their performance and mass tension. Ties are easy to use and are often used for load securing on low loaders trawls. To fix either qualitatively or large goods vehicles for trawls using fasteners (slings or chains) different lengths, Ratchet pulled together or talrepami. Such a system is characterized by a stowage increased reliability, excellent resistance to wear, resistant to any external effects.

Ways securing cargo on the drop-frame trawls and requirements

For a reliable and high-quality fasteners any cargo, transported trawls, It can be fixed in two ways:

  • Chain or cable ties are attached to existing sites (attachment points), which is equipped with both trawl, and cargo.
  • Chain ties being moved through the load and use a “cross” method of attachment (if the goods are no points of support, eg).

Lashing chain, used to secure cargo on the trawl, do not use for any other operations (lifting or pulling, eg). To do this, they employ a special technique.
If you have to transport oversized equipment on trawls, you must fulfill several conditions:

  • take any action, allowing to lower the center of gravity of the load;
  • to provide maximum all-round visibility to the driver, which is engaged in shipping on the trawl;
  • ensure full technical serviceability of vehicles, carrying goods;
  • perform the loading with a uniform axial load trawl (to prevent displacement of the right and left).

After loading it is necessary to be convinced of reliability of fastenings of freight or oversized equipment – it will provide their immobility during movement of the tractor with a trawl.

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