Transportation harvesters from Europe in Ukraine, CIS.

Перевозка комбайнов является наиболее массовым видом перевозки негабаритных грузов по Украине, the hallmark of its operations are the large dimensions of transported cargoes, and the height to 420 height to 430 cm length 20 m (together with header) Weight to 34 m. Each model has its own characteristics, are taken into account in the planning and implementation of the most transportation. In the carriage wheels are removed from Europe, to reduce the size parameters, It is important to be able to combine loading trawl without the use of expensive cranes, attracted only small trucks to be loaded wheels and headers - savings of up to 700 Euro Freight. In the carriage during harvest is very important accuracy and reliability of the carrier, as the proverb says, "This day feeds a year" and combine simple cost to the customer is very expensive. Considering these and other factors, we try to provide our customers with the most comfortable conditions for cooperation.

We guarantee:

  • Operational coordination of transport
  • Rapid supply of cars
  • Proper paperwork
  • Safe loading and unloading equipment
  • Combine shipping on time
  • Professional dismantling and installation, if necessary,
  • Cargo insurance

Для перевозки комбайнов наша компания использует собственные низкорамные прицепы (trawls). Due to the large fleet Spetspritsep select the most optimal and safe solution for the transport of the combine. Can be transported large combines with headers to 12 meters.
The loading technique is carried out through the front part of the platform, front end(guznek) disconnected, The platform rests on the ground, then the processor pulls into the platform at a minimum angle. it's fast, it is convenient and most importantly it is safe, since in the case of loading through the high rear part of the fall art balcony with critical consequences. Loading takes place together with attachments (without dismantling) which reduces the cost of delivery.

Для закрепления комбайна на низкорамной платформе используются усиленные цепи 8-10 strength class, as well as to secure the bars, that prevents roll art. It is also important to note that sweeps from the front arrival more preferred and versatile, as wheeled and tracked harvesters and can independently call in on the loading platform, which makes it possible to abandon the use of loading mechanisms.

We have extensive experience in the transportation of these types of harvesters:

  • Combine
  • Forage
  • beet
  • potato

А также большой опыт работы с такими брендами производителей комбайнов как Claas, John Deere, Case, Massey Ferguson, New Holland,
Transportation harvesters - one of our main specializations. We deliver equipment in any region of Ukraine or Europe.

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