Transportation of oversized equipment
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In many European countries, (and Ukraine is no exception) industries such as industry, pig iron production, mechanical engineering, as well as the subsequent transportation of oversized cargo have a long history.

Construction, industrial, agricultural machinery must somehow be delivered to the place of work. The products of metallurgical plants and heavy engineering are non-standard products often of excessive size and weight.

To meet the needs of all industries and spheres, it is necessary to use special equipment, the main task of which is to transport oversized. Transportation is carried out both within the country and abroad by special tractors with a trawl platform.

Transportation of oversized equipment from the TAD company

The service “oversized transportation” is quite popular in modern realities, but it is performed only by specialized companies, one of which is TransAvtoD. Why is it best to choose road transport, because there are options for delivery by rail, for example, as well as water transport or by plane?

Due to the specified dimensions of the cargo (length, width, height) and the radii of the tracks in many European countries it is very difficult to use rail transport. It is also often not possible to use the water route due to the impossibility of navigation in certain areas, as well as the development of the port structure.

As for air transport, it also has its limitations, especially in terms of the weight of the cargo being transported, its dimensions and especially the cost of transportation. Therefore oversized equipment and cargoes need to be transported, first of all, on the chosen routes on roads with use of special vehicles.


Transportation of oversized equipment with a guarantee

The TAD company possesses rather big experience in this sphere, providing delivery of freights of any complexity to customers across all country. Modern fleet and dozens of varieties of semi-trailers, platforms and trawls can minimize delivery time.

The company cooperates with the largest insurance companies

After all, insurance of expensive cargo is one of the main points when concluding contracts with customers.

RouteTrailer typeWeightCost
Odessa - KievTrawl30 / 4526000 / 40000
Kiev - DniproTrawl30 / 4526000 / 40000
Dnipro - LvivTrawl30 / 4559000 / 89000
Germany - Kiev (Ukraine)Trawl30 / 4595000 / 140000
Poland - Kiev (Ukraine)Trawl30 / 4559000 / 89000
France - UkraineTrawl30 / 45150000 / 220000

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