Transportation of the trolleybus across Ukraine
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TAD is your proven and reliable partner in everything related to the transportation of oversized and heavy loads.

We know how to safely, quickly and with the guarantee of preservation of cargo to transport it to any point of Ukraine.
Whether you send a single piece of equipment or move your entire fleet, for example, we are always ready to help, saving you time, money and nerves. Trans-Auto-D is a company that can handle tasks of transportation of any complexity.

Unusual orders

We are all used to using public transport – trolleybuses, trams, buses. If some varieties of them may well reach their destination on their own, then for trolleybuses, for example, this option is not suitable.

Long-distance trolleybus lines, although rare, are quite rare, so oversized transportation on low-frame trawls is becoming the only option. The brand new trolleybus from the manufacturer is one of the most unusual oversized faces of TAD specialists.

Such oversized cargo transportation does not cause special difficulties, but requires the selection of a trawl of appropriate length due to the size of the equipment. However, we coped with the task perfectly, delivering the order “to the address” just in time.

Below is an example of our work

RouteTrailer typeWeightCost
Odessa - KievTrawl30 / 4526000 / 40000
Kiev - DniproTrawl30 / 4526000 / 40000
Dnipro - LvivTrawl30 / 4559000 / 89000
Germany - Kiev (Ukraine)Trawl30 / 4595000 / 140000
Poland - Kiev (Ukraine)Trawl30 / 4559000 / 89000
France - UkraineTrawl30 / 45150000 / 220000

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