Oversized one-stop transportation, oversized
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Oversized one-stop transportation, oversized

Transportation of oversize – It is difficult and important type of labor, where you need to be skilled and experienced workers in this matter.

If we talk about the delivery of oversized cargo using low loaders, trailed heavy-duty equipment (trawls) – it will transport the goods to the large mass. Thanks to, that uses certified components fasteners, transportation of oversized become the most reliable in the operation of this type of lifts. To make shipping safer use additional axes, when exceeded allowable length, that helps when maneuvering to reduce the danger to a minimum.

Heavyweight cargo (outsized) is the cargo, weight, and parameters which, when transporting exceed the permissible levels of traffic rules, that the established laws of the countries.

Standards oversize:


  • 22 м length;
  • 2,6 м width;
  • 4 м height;
  • 38 т permissible weight;


  • 16,5 м length;
  • 2,55 м width;
  • 4 м height;
  • 40 т permissible weight;

The following are examples of our work both in Ukraine and abroad

RouteTrailer typeWeightCost
Odessa - KievTrawl30 / 4526000 / 40000
Kiev - DniproTrawl30 / 4526000 / 40000
Dnipro - LvivTrawl30 / 4559000 / 89000
Germany - Kiev (Ukraine)Trawl30 / 4595000 / 140000
Poland - Kiev (Ukraine)Trawl30 / 4559000 / 89000
France - UkraineTrawl30 / 45150000 / 220000

The prices are for guidance only; for accurate calculation, contact our managers

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Unless, there is a deviation from the specified standards, We need to develop the route and to issue a document, that allows you to carry a heavy load of large sizes. To gain admission to the transport of such goods, you need to apply. To get a permission, usually, it is possible for 7 – 10 days after the request.

Thanks to us, You can carry oversized cargo, without worrying about the possible complications, since we already have a long-term resolution, which make it possible to carry the goods, as soon as possible, using the appropriate type of trawl. Also, company, if the need arises, guaranteed support of the car cover PILOT or traffic police, ensuring safe movement without any waste of time.

If You have questions or want to book the transfer, You can get all the information you need, by sending us a message

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