Transportation of industrial equipment by route Belarus-Ukraine

In March this year, our company Trans-Avto-D has carried out an interesting transportation of heavy and oversized cargo from Belarus to Ukraine Mr.. Pavlograd. Transporting industrial equipment pulp industry, namely cylinder weighing 60 tons and a diameter of 4.3m.11122147_1562157997369507_1567647421_o

It is noteworthy, that the dismantling of the cylinder on the sender of the plant in Belarus was the only country involved altitude 500tonny crane LIEBHERR, as the cylinder had to raise the roof plant at high altitude. Mounting Hardware crane arrived on 13 wagons, Compliance with the shipment so it was extremely important.11067784_1562157977369509_710947975_o

In the agreed date of our company trailer arrived at the place of loading in g. Slonim, Belarus. In advance have been ordered and manufactured goods carried all the relevant documents, because the total train weight with load was nearly 95t and size of cargo with significantly exceeded the usual road train, which required the solution of a number of additional organizational tasks from the carrier of cargo Trans-Avto-D. Such, as the examination of the route, coordination of travel with the owner of the railway crossings, electricity networks, Order tracking machines GAI, etc..11148038_1562157980702842_1127879280_o

All organizational issues were resolved in a timely and successful our company. Heavy cargo transportation was carried out in accordance with contractual obligations.11066175_1560873797497927_1353756365_o

Our company has received additional valuable experience in the implementation of such a complex type of transport, as the transportation of heavy oversized cargo.