Transportation of oversized cargo on Auto Show IAA Commercial Vehicles

In September, representatives of our company visited the 64th International Auto Show IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover. This exhibition has been held for more 100 years. In 1897 year, in Berlin at the Bristol has been demonstrated eight cars, IAA since become known as the biggest motor show in Europe and major international business platform in the field of commercial vehicles: production,
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перевозка тяжеловесных грузов

Oversized transportation spetsplatformami, as an alternative to rail transport

Appeared new industrial technologies promotes power facilities under construction, that require the installation of more monobloc equipment and structures. Part of transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes was produced and performed by the railway, which has a substantial limitation in size loads. Increase in production of industrial equipment increases the difficulties in their rail transport, industrial equipment appeared with mass and
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перевозка комбайна по украине цена

Transportation combine during harvest

Analyzing the company's activities in this field, as the oversized transport, we concluded, that timely transportation harvester (and other types of agricultural machinery) It helps increase productivity and reduce farmers' losses in grain at harvest time, as they say: “Spoon the road for dinner”. Today, from the fields of Ukraine gather more 25 миллионов тонн зерновых и зернобобовых
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exceptional loads

Permits for oversized transportation in Ukraine and Europe

Arranging oversized it is necessary to take care about getting escorting from the Ministry. Dimensions of oversized cargo affect the cost and production time of such authorization. There is some specificity in the different public services, eg, Italian and French, where permits for oversized transport may have to wait up to three months. At the carrier have to be special permits for transportation of oversized cargo States,
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Oversized transportation and capital construction

Since the founding of the company Trans-Auto-D developed in many directions, one of which is the capital construction. During construction activities, using special equipment of its own production, we have repeatedly carries out transportation and road construction machinery. As a general contractor, Our company has performed a full cycle of construction works at various sites.

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