Transportation of self-propelled ALPHA opriskivatelya - 2

The Russian market of oversized transport

The Russian market of oversized shipments growing despite crisis, about 10 – 15 % yearly. To carry large and heavy loads is not as easy as it may seem simple person at first glance. Primarily, such goods may include construction equipment, metal, Industrial and technological equipment, agricultural machinery. Modernization of industries in the country also requires
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Exhibition AGRO -2013

22-25 of May 2013 held XXV International Agricultural Exhibition “AGRO -2013” AGRO -2013 this is the biggest Ukrainian National Exhibition of Agriculture. Ukraine in terms of agriculture is currently the leader in Central and Eastern Europe because of the potential and the pace of development ahead of all Ukraine. Agro 2013 It will be held in Kiev on Ave.. Akademika Glushkova, 1, at
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Roads in Ukraine do not

Roads in Ukraine after the winter 2013 he can say with great confidence that there are no. A hard winter that dragged on until April, in fact, destroyed roads and showed no effectiveness of technologies used to build roads in Ukraine and the obsolescence of GOSTS. Addicts for the last 20 years have not been built in the state, and changes have occurred only to Euro 2012 of
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Transportation Case tractor with disc harrow

Carriers of Ukraine in the context of international oversized transport

Ukraine's integration into European and world community requires a number of activities, aimed at improving the efficiency of the national economic system, which would in its main indicators meet international standards. One of these measures is effective revival of trade relations with the countries of Europe and Asia, which is directly related to the efficiency of the functioning of the transport complex. Considerably increased demand
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Oversized transportations – Of delivery

Often, situations arise, when oversized cargo safely transported and delivered to the destination, and with the delivery of the cargo suddenly arise unexpected problems. To prevent such misunderstandings between the company-carrier and consignee, developed special regulations, governing the issuance and reship shipping. One of the most important phases of transportation of oversized cargo, as practice shows, it is the moment of cargo delivery. The consignor in advance and
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