Transportation of excavator Hitachi ZX 470

Any work on the quarries, construction, or piping is not possible without the tireless digger - excavator. Most of the excavators on the characteristics apply to oversized and heavy goods. This technique is not suitable for self-drive, since the movement causes considerable damage to the roads. Therefore, transportation or any other excavators construction machinery from one place to
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Transportation of tractors XERION France Ukraine

Services trawl Ukraine, Kiev, Europe

Transportation trawl (Spetspritsep, Low loaders) a very popular service in the market in Kiev, Ukraine, Ukraine, in connection with the development of markets and services, that use of oversized and heavy buses. For dealers of farm machinery or plant managers or large enterprises, it is important, Equipment was delivered to them on time in a state of readiness for operation (not dismantled). Because oversized
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Перевозка грузов Італия Украина

International oversize transportation Ukraine

Every entrepreneur seek to develop your business as much as possible, outside their home country, but the distance between Europe and the CIS to reach hundreds of thousands of kilometers away and here plays a big role accurate and reliable delivery of any oversized cargo. International oversize transportation - a very common form of transportation, but not everyone can do it qualitatively, such carriage
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Transportation of agricultural trawls

How to successfully carry oversized cargo

When you are considering, all the consequences, that may arise during the movement of oversize cargo, you understand the importance of using a specialized service, that nothing bad has happened. Once again, What is the oversized cargo/oversize: Size and / or weight exceeds the limits of highways. Many of the requirements for the transport of bulky goods include: Symbols and alarm: the trale or
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Купить спецприцеп для перевозки грузов

A large party of oversized cargo from the port of Ilichevsk to Chernobyl

This month 06.2015 Our company Trans-Avto-D carried out transportation of a large batch of oversized cargo from the port of Ilichevsk-Chernobyl. It was protective equipment for the construction of the sarcophagus over the destroyed Chernobyl nuclear reactor. The total tonnage of cargo was transported 800tonn and was transported for 28 flights over 10 days. Overall dimensions of transported cargo accounted for up to 26m in length, 4.8m width
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