Rules and features transportation to Europe harvesters

All kinds of machinery for agriculture is in demand and steady demand in our country, this increases the number of imported equipment every year. American, German harvesters have long become commonplace in the domestic agricultural land. In this economy, many make a conscious choice in favor of b / equipment, technical condition, usually, not inferior to the new domestic technology,
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Features freight trawls

to qualitatively, reliably, quickly and safely move cargo using trawls, you must adhere to certain rules and established, standards and regulations. Only in this way we can guarantee the integrity of oversized cargo throughout its route. The main safety feature is mounting a special form and layout. Most often used to secure the chain tensioning system, которые состоят из
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Transportation of industrial barrels, production Motor Sich

Especially transportation of heavy and oversized cargo

The effective operation of many companies, regardless of occupation, associated with trouble-free delivery of various cargoes in any region of the country or beyond its borders. The use of road transport makes it possible to do it as soon as possible, which helps quite a well-developed road network. However, It is not uncommon situation, when you want to transport heavy and oversized cargo, that complicates the task. That
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Charitable assistance Volochisk OTG from Trans-Avto-D

14 May 2018 the Company "Trans-Avto-D" referred to the use of the territorial community Volochisk flatbed brand TAD model the PNR-15. A few months ago on behalf of the community I approached the chairman of OTG with a request to produce for the needs of Volochisk OTG flatbed for transporting urban municipal vehicles within our district community. Our company decided to produce and in the form of charitable assistance
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«Тран-Авто-Д» на выставке AgroExpo

Results of participation "Tran-Auto-D" on AgroExpo exhibition 2017, h.Kropyvnytskyy

On the international agro-industrial exhibition AgroExpo our company "Trans-Avto-D" introduced two new lines trailer 2017 year, of the year 24-2, TAD.Classic 30-3, are most relevant to transportation, within Ukraine, and Europe. The exhibition itself is unique, as it allows you to not only see and feel machinery, but to see it in the work, a convenient geographical location
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