Results of participation "Tran-Auto-D" on AgroExpo exhibition 2017, h.Kropyvnytskyy

On the international agro-industrial exhibition AgroExpo our company "Trans-Avto-D" introduced two new lines trailer 2017 year, of the year 24-2, TAD.Classic 30-3, are most relevant to transportation, within Ukraine, and Europe. The exhibition itself is unique, as it allows you to not only see and feel machinery, but to see it in the work, a convenient geographical location makes it as accessible as possible to all the regions of Ukraine. Each trailer (trawl) It has its own unique features, with which visitors can get to know at our booth.
• TAD.Classic 24-2 is the ideal solution for agriculture, due to an underestimation of the loading height can be transported virtually all types of harvesters, tractors and other agricultural machinery, which is operated in Ukraine. Upload and download technology completely independently, for ease of loading guznek you can unhook the. In the carriage of Ukraine engineers provided hydrolocks, which allow you to adjust the clearance trailer. And the company's experience in the production of trawls combined with the use of spare parts from manufacturers such as WABCO, HALDEX, BPW and SAF, It makes the technique very reliable.
• TAD.Classic 30-3 - the best-suited professional carriers, because it has an optimal ratio with varied amplitude for transportation of goods. Depending on model has different types of loading platforms, It can be equipped with a telescope on request. Axis can be as usual, and forcibly driven, and disconnect the system gooseneck hydraulic or pneumatic. Thanks to the robust construction, quality metal and components from world famous brands WABCO, HALDEX, BPW and SAF trailers for many years operated on the territory of Ukraine and Europe, showing their reliability.
It was also nice that, that most of our visitors are already familiar with the technique of our production. And with our old partners, although for a long time work, It had something to talk: it matters, associated with the current challenges and the opportunity to discuss the prospects for development and modernization of equipment. it is always important for us to know the opinions and preferences of our partners. The conclusion after the show you can make one. It is necessary to develop and improve, to move forward.
«Тран-Авто-Д» на выставке AgroExpo
Трал «Тран-Авто-Д» на выставке AgroExpo